Monday, September 25, 2017

Feet Problems known in basketball

There's so much physical problem when it comes to basketball, but there's specific problem that really vital and can makes us injury like feet problem.

Right now, we'll discuss a little about kinds of feet problem.

Flat Feet

This problem can make the person get rolled over more easily then other people. And why is it? It's because of common basketball shoes. No, I'm not going to blame the shoes industry, but common basketball shoes is made for normal feet people..

To getting out of this problem, they must find the best suited basketball shoes for flat feet person.


This one can be happening for people that giving over weight to the foot bone structure. This is quite dangerous since it can make cracked bone inside and using the feet for playing basketball more is just making it worse.

This kind of problem can be solved by learn the basic movement, basic footwork, and also reduce high impact movement, learn how to absorb the impact so it will lower the pressure.

Ankle Injury

Ankle injury is one of top injury. Many player getting this injury, and it's not their fault. More of it happening by accident, but also can be their fault too.

For lower the percentage of getting this, make sure to find shoes that fit your feet size, and also make sure your shoelace is tight ( But not too tight too ).

That's 3 feet problem that can be happening in basketball, and also some solution to overcome it. Happy playing basketball!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dwyane Wade calls 2016 Finals LeBron James' specifying minute

"However when it comes to compromising, you compromise for the higher good of the factor we play a group sport. When you're young and you get all the acknowledgment and you get paid-- you desire to win champions. And I believe I compromised to win champions.

" For me, one, 2-- nevertheless you desire to put them-- is him and Kobe," Wade stated. "I have actually had to safeguard Kobe more, so I have actually been in that fight a little bit more with Kobe. LeBron is-- he's unlike a gamer we have actually ... we have actually never ever seen a gamer like him.

CLEVELAND-- Dwyane Wade thinks that LeBron James' efficiency in leading the Cleveland Cavaliers back from a 3-1 deficit to the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals is "a specifying minute" for his friend's tradition.

" That was unique," Wade stated on Wednesday, prior to the Bulls beat the Cavaliers, 106-94. I believe for his profession, that minute right there actually put him where he most likely desired to be. It was a specifying minute for his profession permanently. As soon as you're young and you get all the acknowledgment and you get paid-- you desire to win champions." For me, one, 2-- nevertheless you desire to put them-- is him and Kobe," Wade stated.

Wade and James have actually established an unique bond over their 14-year professions. The set won 2 champions together with the Miami Heat and have actually stayed close considering that James chose to leave the Heat and return to the Cavaliers following the 2013-14 season.

Wade stated James and Kobe Bryant have actually been the 2 hardest players
he has actually needed to secure in his profession.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

NBA Rumors : Cleveland Cavaliers Signing Jr.Smith for 57 Million! Is it true?

Good things come to those who wait. JR Smith did not rush into signing a new contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He also did not take a tour with other NBA teams. That move has paid off. According to Cavs Nation, the Cavaliers have signed Smith to a new contract worth approximately $57 million.
Every NBA owner proclaims to the public and their paying fan base that nothing is more important than winning a championship. Only a few actually come through to prove that those words mean something. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert got a taste of success, and he wants more of it.
Last season, LeBron James fulfilled a childhood dream by finally bringing an NBA championship to the city of Cleveland. He had to overcome the record-breaking Golden State Warriors to make that happen. Dan Gilbert had front row tickets to see a city celebrate something that most never thought would ever happen.
Of course, Dan Gilbert had to pay a hefty price to make that happen. The Cleveland Cavaliers paid out a good amount of money for the services of Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Kevin Love. Those are three of the better and highest-paid players in the NBA.

One of the surprising key contributors to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship was JR Smith. The veteran shooter was considered an afterthought when the Cavaliers made the trade to acquire him from the New York Knicks. Iman Shumpert was considered the actual target of the transaction.

For the longest time, JR Smith was considered by many in the NBA to be a one-dimensional player that cared more about himself than anything else. Last season, he became a solid contributor for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only did he provide energy and scoring off the bench, but Smith also finally showed a commitment to defense for the first time in his career.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are two of the best offensive players in the NBA. Very few back courts are harder to defend against. Fortunately for the Cleveland Cavaliers, JR Smith was able to slow them down a bit during the finals.

After winning an NBA championship, JR Smith became one of the most beloved basketball players in the world. The Cleveland Cavaliers obviously wanted him to return so that they could defend that championship. Smith himself told the public that there wasn’t another team in the National Basketball Association that he wanted to play for.

To make that happen, JR Smith wanted at least $15 million a season. He feels that he is worth that amount because of what he did in the NBA Finals. Smith also feels that he is worth that much after seeing what other players were paid during free agency.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were hoping that JR Smith would be willing to accept $10 million a year. They were also hoping that he would accept a short-term deal because he is already 31 years old. Instead, Smith ends up getting a four-year deal at $14.5 million a season.

While it seems like an extremely high price for the Cleveland Cavaliers to pay to keep JR Smith in the mix, management seems to be alright with that if it means that the chemistry will be in tact so that the roster can win a second NBA championship in a row.

JR Smith was patient and received the contract that he wanted from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He now gets a chance to help LeBron James try to win another NBA championship. To say that is a victory for Smith would seem like quite the understatement.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Game 3 - Full Highlights | April 21, 2016 | NBA Playoffs

NBA April 21 21st 2016 Full Game Highlights NBA 2016 Playoffs Season 2015 15-16 21.04.2016 04.21.2016 Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Warriors Clippers Cavaliers Spurs Games HD Official Recap 720p 60fps Ximo Pierto Channel

Golden State Warrior & Houston Rockets Starting Line Up

Stephen Curry didn't even play for this game too, and this time Houston Rockets get a win from Golden State Warrior with 1 ball difference . 96 - 97. Current Score is : 2 - 1 with Golden State Warrior lead.

Stephen Curry expected to be play in Game 4.